D2000 Pointer type differential pressure gauge

Measurement of positive, negative (vacuum) or differential pressure Minimum range 0-30 Pa, maximum range 0-30 KPa Up to 88 ranges and metric/imperial units Optional use of frictionless magnetic components, anti-vibration, anti-vibration and high resistance to overpressure Measurement of air or non-corrosive gas.


Special for hospital (especially suitable for quarantine wards), accurate measurement, measuring range + 30 ~ -30pa, using frictionless magnetic parts, anti-vibration, anti-shaking and high anti-overpressure capability to measure air or non-corrosive gases.

DW254 Intelligent differential pressure switch transmitter

DW254 series micro differential pressure transmitter applies patented variable capacitance sensing technology, two-wire 4-20MA signal output, minimum range 0-25PA, this MSMS sensor has strong sensitivity and long-term stability. Wall mounting and recessed installation are optional, which meets GMP standards for clean rooms, operating rooms and other clean environments. The product is elegant, with two relay signal output, you can set any alarm value, MODBUS485 signal output, easy networking, buzzer alarm optional

DW100 series micro differential pressure transmitter

Duwei DW100 micro differential pressure transmitter adopts high-precision sensor chip and intelligent embedded software algorithm to eliminate the zero drift problem of sensor and accurately display micro differential pressure. The micro differential pressure sensor has high sensitivity, and the whole measurement process can ensure ± 1% of full scale and high precision; it has the function of custom range, and the customer can adjust the required range according to the demand on site to fully meet the site requirements; it has the characteristics of rapid response and ultra-low range.

D900 Box gas micro-differential pressure gauge

0-60Pa to 1KPa measurement, accuracy 5% variable lens dial design, can be panel mounted air and compatible gas positive pressure, negative pressure and differential pressure measurement, suitable for biological safety cabinets, clean workstations, medical respiratory therapy equipment up

DP Series Tilting Micromanometer

The minimum measuring range is 0-50Pa, the minimum resolution is 1Pa, the measurement of positive pressure, negative pressure and micro differential pressure can accurately indicate the minimum differential pressure of 5-10Pa. The indicating fluid is red special instrument oil with the density of 0.87, which has no mechanical movable parts, no wear, firmness and reliability, and no drift

Y-B series stainless steel pressure gauge

Stainless steel pressure gauges are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber, metallurgy, power station and other industrial departments to measure the pressure of various fluid media in the process which requires high corrosion resistance and vibration resistance. This product's overall structure design is reasonable, the craft is fine, has the high measuring accuracy and the lasting stability, is the ideal necessary product.

Up Series Vertical Differential Pressure Meter

Vertical differential pressure gauge adopts transparent organic material to measure positive pressure, negative pressure or differential pressure. Red liquid column directly indicates the measured pressure value without conversion. Movable scale adjusts zero resolution: 10Pa, 1mmH2O or 0.5mbar or 0.1InWG. Complete set includes white PVC bracket, 2 mounting screws, 2 plugs, 2 joints and a bottle of red oil.

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