DW952 Electrode Liquid Level Controller

Dw952 series accessories are specifically designed for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications where cleanliness is important. Two DW952 Series accessories can connect up to 4 probes. This accessory is made of FDA approved material. Fittings are easy and quick to remove for easy cleaning and sterilization.

FT-600 Tuning Fork Level Switch

FT600 tuning fork liquid level switch is a new type of liquid level switch. The tuning fork is excited by the crystal to vibrate, and when the tuning fork is immersed in the liquid material, the vibration frequency changes, and the frequency change is detected by an electronic circuit and outputs a switching value.

DW901static pressure type liquid level transmit

DW901 series static pressure liquid level transmitter is a kind of measuring instrument adopting static pressure principle to measure liquid level, which is designed for liquid level measurement in reservoir, sewage treatment, water conservancy project, waterworks, underground water, well water, canal, lake, power plant and other general occasions in the industries of petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, paper making, food, medicine, etc.

DW908/DW909Level Transmitter

DW908 and DW909 are high precision liquid level transmitters used in process industry. Its basic component is a piezoresistive stainless steel sensor. It has the characteristics of small temperature drift coefficient, high linearity and good long-term stability.

DWLZ metal tube rotameter

The invention relates to a metal tube rotameter which has the characteristics of small volume, large detection range, convenient use and the like and can be used for measuring the flow of liquid, gas and steam. The caliber is from DN15 to DN200, the accuracy is 1.5 grade, especially suitable for the flow measurement of low flow rate and small flow medium and the flow measurement of high temperature, high pressure, opaque and corrosive medium.

DFC Series Mass Flow Controller/Flowmeter

DFC series mass flow controller/flowmeter is composed of mass flow sensor, laminar flow element, mass flow controller, regulating valve and amplification circuit. The invention is used for accurately and reliably measuring and controlling the gas mass flow, has high measurement and control precision, small zero drift and wide measurement and control range, and the accuracy of the measurement and the control is not influenced by environmental temperature and external pressure.

DF601 Wind Speed Transmitter

DF601 adopts the integral hot-film wind speed element, and the surface of the element has a glass protective layer, so that the sensor probe has good anti-vibration, anti-pollution and anti-moisture capabilities. The sensor has a plurality of installation structures, and different probe structures are selected according to different application occasions, so that the probe can be conveniently fixed at a reasonable position in the measured airflow field to obtain stable signal output. Accurate linear correction circuit design and detailed calibration process make the DF601 sensor have good accuracy and consistency.

DWLB Intelligent Vortex Flowmeter

DWLB intelligent vortex flowmeter has high signal-to-noise ratio, high sensitivity and strong vibration resistance. The signal circuit adopts a singlechip technology to process data, a CPU unit, a storage unit, a display unit, a communication unit and other functional modules are packaged in an amplifying circuit, has the RS485 communication function, has very stable zero point and precision, the caliber ranges from DN25 to DN300, and is applied to measuring superheated steam and saturated steam. Volume, flow and mass of compressed air and general gases and liquids.

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