DW-SMT Intelligent sensor for garbage deep burying barrel

Duwei Intelligent uses information technology to establish an intelligent supervision system for domestic waste transportation and disposal, which notifies the nearby garbage transport vehicles to clear in time by sending full barrel information to the dispatching platform in time after the deep buried barrels are full, so as to realize the comprehensive dispatch, operation management, remote monitoring and assistant decision-making of domestic waste disposal. It provides scientific and technological means for the standardized management of domestic waste transport vehicles, and improves the supervision level of waste transport and disposal and the scientificity and rationality of waste dispatch. Effectively solve the bottleneck of domestic urban and rural garbage collection and transportation.



Duwei DWCloud Cloud Platform

Sensor: can be collected to the 485 signal transmitter, such as temperature transmitter, humidity transmitter. Equipment: a stand-alone machine, such as air conditioners, cars, CNC machine tools, etc Project: generally refers to a factory, a company and other similar enterprises with a certain number of equipment. User: The person in the project who has management, control, or view rights to the cloud platform.

Industrial Internet of Thing Integrated Security Access Gateway

Industrial Internet of Thing (IOT) integrated security access gateway is a central node device of IOT with highly integrated hardware and software.It adopts advanced information technology.It has the functions of information collection, data transmission, intelligent analysis, logic control, etc.It can realize the identification, monitoring, early warning, linkage, control and other applications between objects in the IOT area.It is the core equipment to establish the central node of IOT.

Duwei DW-IIoT-Gate Intelligent Gateway

By adopt that Internet of things and edge computation technology, the problem that sensor data cannot be simultaneously upload and stored on multiple platforms due to heterogeneous protocols among cloud platform is solved.

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