Duwei Smart Temperature/Blood Pressure Rate/Exercise Bracelet

Duwei intelligent temperature/blood pressure/heart rate/sports bracelet, and specific temperature monitoring function and various main functions of traditional bracelets. Body temperature monitoring, timing feedback, through the Bluetooth gateway can be within 10 meters diameter of the user's body temperature information. Control mobile phone photography, multi-motion mode, heart rate detection, blood pressure detection, blood oxygen detection, sleep detection, message push, hand bright screen, sedentary reminder, water reminder, app data synchronization, analysis and reporting, IP68 waterproof.

DWTP intelligent voice broadcast fast infrared body temperature measuring instrument

Duwei DWTP intelligent voice broadcast fast infrared body temperature measuring instrument is a body temperature screening system specially designed for large-scale, high-frequency and long-term, which is suitable for long-term body temperature monitoring and management after work and school. The product has the function of missing detection reminder, eliminates the mistakes of manual measurement, reduces the pressure of the examinee being aimed by the thermometer gun, and plays a great role in the work of body temperature screening.

Alpha50 Air Purifier

Alpha series air purifiers adopt photo-hydrogen ionization purification technology to produce purification factors including hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyl ions, superoxide ions, pure negative ions, etc. Through molecular diffusion and air circulation, it can actively capture harmful pollutants in indoor air, carry out comprehensive and thorough purification treatment of indoor air, improve the self-purification ability of indoor air itself, efficiently sterilize and disinfect, and at the same time, it can perfectly remove second-hand smoke, eliminate toxic and harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC, and settle particulate matter such as PM2.5






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